Scheepjes YARN Bookazine 17 Patisserie UK

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The new Scheepjes YARN Bookazine 17 Pâtisserie is all about the delicacies typically found in a French pâtisserie. The work of a Master Pâtissier goes beyond just creating delicacies that look beautiful, pastry is a craft where perfection is the highest goal. Think of fresh, warm croissants, irresistibly delicious macarons, beautiful cream cakes and petit fours. YARN Bookazine 17 is inspired by lovely afternoons spent with family and friends, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea and a delicious treat, with your crochet or knitting project within reach, of course.

YARN Bookazine 17 takes you on a journey in the Pâtisserie theme through four chapters, each dedicated to a category within French pastry: Les Gâteaux (tarts), Les Viennoiseries (luxury pastries), Les Petits Fours (pastries) and Les Desserts (desserts). In this Bookazine you will find 15 beautiful designs made with various craft techniques: 1 crochet and knitting pattern, 8 crochet patterns, 5 knitting patterns and 1 punch design. There are 3 patterns for beginners, 9 patterns for intermediate crafters and 3 patterns for the advanced crafter. In YARN Bookazine 17 you will find a wide variety of delicious projects, ranging from detailed, refined tops, a cheerful pillow in the shape of a croissant, complete with a French beret, to colourful (hair) accessories and crocheted pastries.

YARN Bookazine is a luxury collector's item, a lookbook in which the love of crafting, photography and inspiration are all bundled and in which you can find a wide range of crochet and knitting patterns for beginner as well as experienced crafters. In this issue, you will find eye-catching photography, delightful creations but also interesting articles, including an interview with Kwannie Cheng from Studio Manya, member of the Scheepjes Designer Collective. YARN Bookazine also contains clearly described patterns of the projects, often accompanied by schemes and diagrams as well. The following Scheepjes yarns have been used in this issue of YARN: Cahlista, Downtown, Linen Soft, Maxi Sugar Rush, Maxi Sweet Treat, Metropolis, Mohair Rhythm, Organicon, Scrumptious, Secret Garden, Softfun, Stone Washed, Stone Washed XL, Terrazzo, Truly Scrumptious, Whirl and Whirlette.