Scheepjes Candy Floss colour pack 10x20g Butterscotch

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Scheepjes Candy Floss colour pack 10x20g Butterscotch

Product Description

Dive in a magical candy store with the sugary-sweet Scheepjes Candy Floss. Candy Floss is the first Scheepjes collection that falls outside the crochet and knitting yarns category. This makes Candy Floss a unique and versatile yarn. Scheepjes Candy Floss is made from 100% Organic Mercerised Cotton. This thread yarn has a high twist and a smooth shine, which results in gorgeous, defined stitches in your work. Moreover, it does not split. All these characteristics make Scheepjes Candy Floss the perfect choice for a wide variety of techniques and projects: think of free embroidery, Sashiko stitching, tatting, hand quilting, micro crochet projects such as amigurumi and jewellery or working crocheted edges to blankets, accessories and clothing.

Scheepjes Candy Floss is GOTS and OEKO TEX certified. A fully organic wastewater treatment is used, meaning that the water used during the production process is recycled and reused in a safe manner. This yarn also holds the EN 71-3 certification, which indicates that it is safe to use for people with sensitive skin and for toys, clothing and accessories for babies and children. Therefore, with Candy Floss you also make a conscious choice for your projects. Scheepjes Candy Floss is available in 52 different solid colours that match the existing shades in the Scheepjes Catona, Cahlista, Maxi Sweet Treat and Maxi Sugar Rush collections. It has thread size no. 10 within the crochet cotton and embroidery thread and the recommended needle size is 0.75-1.25mm. This thread yarn is machine washable at 40˚ C. One ball weighs 20 grams and holds 165 metres of thread.

The Scheepjes Candy Floss Colour Packs are available in 5 carefully curated colour combinations: Mint, Raspberry, Butterscotch, Toffee and Blueberry. In each Colour Pack you will find 10 different balls of Candy Floss, packaged in a beautiful window box, resembling delicious pastries. The Scheepjes Candy Floss Colour Packs are a wonderful gift for every crafter.

All colours of Scheepjes Candy Floss can also be ordered separately balls.