Scheepjes CAL Ubuntu Medium Kit

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Scheepjes CAL 2018 - Ubuntu

Medium size - made with Stone Washed yarn

UBUNTU is a word that originates from the Nguni Bantu language meaning “humanity towards others”, but it is much more than that and so hard to define with just one word or sentence. Through Crochet-A-longs, designer Dedri has found a community that constantly reminds her of the essence of Ubuntu: connection, community, and mutual caring for all.

The talented Dedri Uys from the blog LookatWhatIMade designed this beautiful CAL in collaboration with Scheepjes.

This CAL is broken up into 12 weeks. Handy video tutorials will accompany each pattern. You can find these on These will be made by Esther from It’s all in a Nutshell.

Three sizes are available. Small, Medium and Large. The Small blanket is made with Scheepjes Cotton 8, the Medium blanket is crocheted with Scheepjes Stone Washed and the Large blanket is crocheted with River Washed XL and Stone Washed XL.

The dimensions and recommended retail prices are:

The Small Kit: The blanket will be 120 x 104 x 60 cm
The Medium Kit: The blanket will be 151 x 131 x 75,5 cm (Medium is over 50% larger dan Small)
The Large Kit: The blanket will be 192 x 167 x 96 cm (Large is almost 3 times larger than Small)